Monday, 13 July 2015

Top Paver Design Patterns for a Beautiful Patio

If you have ever dreamed of having a beautiful patio created of flagstone and concrete pavers, you may wonder what elements the best design patterns have in common. Looking at the top patterns used by today’s savvy designers will help you to better understand how to achieve elegant looks for your patio.

1.    Spirals
Artists and philosophers have long been enamored with the elegance of the spiral. Inspirational to mathematicians and other deep thinkers, the spiral speaks toward the spiritual and the aesthetic senses for elegant thoughtfulness.

2.    Circles
Circles are ideal for creating cozy spaces that bring families and friends together. Use circles to emphasize sitting areas, fire pits, and other gathering spots in your patio and terrace scheme.

3.    Squares
While squares may seem the easy fallback, they are actually excellent for creating texture, especially, where pavers of different colors are placed to perpendicularly to layer small squares within the larger scheme.

4.    Rectangles
Rectangular patterns can be used to elongate patios for stunning effects. Where rectangular areas lead to encircled or spiraled sitting areas and terraces, entertainment space can be made to seem much larger.

5.    Diamonds
As elegant as they sound, diamond patterns can be placed very effectively for accent points and to highlight central areas.

The most elegant outdoor entertaining areas layer patterns and textures for stunning visual effects. To learn more about patio pavers in Santa Cruz, please visit this website.

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